Why I decided to take the Digital Marketing Nano degree Program?

I was always amused by the advertisements which came on my social media. Which compelled me to click and visit the link. Sometimes we just talk and suddenly an advertisement pops up and serves us well, and we end up even acting. 

This curiosity behind the advertisement, message delivery, and creating awareness led me to be a student in Marketing Management for my master’s. But as the world is going completely digital and all the shifts of marketing have changed dramatically. Having a marketing degree without knowledge of digital marketing may not stand out in the competitive world. This is where my hunt for courses on digital marketing began. 

Using Hootsuite
Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

There are plenty of websites that promise to give full courses, which was kind of compelling but never matched my hunger for the course. I always wanted to do real-time projects along with the knowledge acquired. As soon as I heard about Udacity from one of my brothers who is doing AI, with the same platform I decided to have a quick look, to achieve my goal. 

Become a digital marketer
Source: https://blog.udacity.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/blog-1024×536.jpg

It took me 12 days to hit the sign-up button for DMND in Udacity as I was researching more about the course. I went through the curriculum, read reviews, and spoke to the students who have done the course. Back and forth feedback of the project within 24 hours, lessons integrated and  designed
with social media giants like Facebook, Hubspot, Google, Hootsuite.

What can be better than this! I would encourage everyone to come and take this course. Till now I have completed three modules, and this is my second project going on with Udacity Nano Degree. I can proudly say, Udacity has not let me down. 

Click here to find the course link.


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